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kingdom of eternal night

A thrilling vampire romantasy!


Victoria traveled through time because she couldn’t live without a certain prince. But now, in the Eternal Kingdom, she must fight for her very life…


The problem? The prince is a vampire. And his mother, the Queen, is out for Victoria's blood... 

What's a human girl to do?



I knew his true nature, but little did I know that my own feelings for him would prove even more dangerous.

The deal is simple. Enter the Trade. Save the prince. But can I truly reclaim what I have lost? 

Devastated by the loss of her mother and sister, eighteen-year-old Victoria sees little purpose in life. But when she discovers a mysterious letter among her belongings, she is transported through a time portal to the Kingdom, a dangerous land cloaked in darkness.

Forced into an engagement with Dominic, a prince whose alluring looks and unwavering loyalty belie his vampiric nature, Victoria must learn to navigate a world of blood and deceit.

As she delves deeper into the Kingdom's mysteries, Victoria realizes that her arrival may not have been by chance. Despite having no memory of it, she has visited the Kingdom many times before.

Victoria knows that the prince and his family pose a threat. But Dominic also holds the key to her secret past and, more importantly, her future...if only she can survive long enough to uncover it.

Book 1 of 3 in the completed Kingdom of Eternal Night trilogy.


So close to him, I could only feel warmth and safety. It was as if the connection between us served as a balm against the chaos of the world. 

But I had been pierced, straight to my core. 

No matter the lie my skin told, I knew the truth. I would never be the same again.

In this enchanting sequel to The Eternal Trade, Victoria finds herself trapped in the Kingdom, a realm ruled by vampires—as the betrothed of Prince Dominic, the heir to the throne. However, she is soon caught in a web of lies, forcing her to question her loyalties and true heritage.

When the queen orders Victoria and Dominic's wedding, Victoria is driven by her sense of justice to protect the blood slaves...yet she also discovers a disturbing truth about her own blood. Victoria demands that Dominic promise never to exploit this power, but rumors about her abilities come to light, causing tensions within the vampire council to escalate.

As the wedding approaches, Victoria reunites with loved ones she thought she had lost, but they hold a deep-seated hatred for all vampires, including her fiancé. At the same time, Dominic uncovers the queen's dark agenda…

With the threat of war looming, Victoria faces a difficult decision: embrace her love for Dominic or fulfill her duty to fight the darkness.

Book 2 of 3 in the completed Kingdom of Eternal Night trilogy


I have given you my trust, my heart... 

I have never given it to anyone else, not in a thousand years.

And yet, you could not trust me with the truth.

In this breathtaking finale, Victoria finds herself at the center of a grand ceremony that will shake the very foundations of vampire rule. Trapped between the ties of kinship and a treacherous secret, she must confront hidden motives that jeopardize everything she cherishes.

As the demands of the impending wedding consume her, Victoria must navigate the arrival of foreign dignitaries, including the enigmatic Emperor Lucas, whose presence threatens to unravel the mystery of her lineage.

Amidst the gathering storm, her sister Isabel warns of a crumbling allegiance while the vampire queen manipulates Victoria into secrecy. Finally, Victoria's confidant, Anthony, pays a steep price for his knowledge, pushing Victoria closer to the edge.

As Victoria and Dominic embark on their long-awaited honeymoon, their journey becomes a battle for control. Unbeknownst to them, Isabel and Anthony harbor their own plans that could reshape their world.

Meanwhile, Dominic confronts troubles of his own as the queen schemes to exploit the prince and Victoria's union for the sake of human subjugation. But Dominic has sworn to protect his bride...even if it means standing against his own flesh and blood.

Book 3 of 3 in the completed Kingdom of Eternal Night trilogy.

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