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vampires of dawnhaven

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An unforgettable supernatural romance series. 

After her mother’s death, Taylor Hale goes to live with her father on the tiny island of Dawnhaven. She’s dreading it, but she has a plan: she'll keep her head down, survive senior year, and ignore that her wicked stepmother treats her like trash. 

Then she meets wealthy summer resident James Champlain, and everything changes. 

James is tall and strapping, with a square jaw. In addition to his looks, he’s charming, funny, and kind. Taylor is increasingly drawn to him, but they're from two different worlds. She was on food stamps, he lives off a trust fund. Then there are the rumors: the locals say he’s running some sort of cult at his estate. 

Taylor doesn't believe it, but James is definitely mysterious--as is Dawnhaven itself. There’s something dark in the island woods, something dangerous. When Taylor encounters it, she learns that not only is James not what he appears...nothing is. 

Promised - eBook.jpg


Welcome back to the island of Dawnhaven, where nothing is what it seems.


Taylor Hale is thrilled to return to the island, and more importantly, to James Champlain. But as their relationship deepens, she learns dangerous secrets about the supernatural world. There are creatures other than vampires in the island woods. Creatures that seem to be hunting Taylor…


James will do anything to protect the girl he loves. But at every turn, powerful forces threaten to tear them apart. The supernatural balance is shifting. Ancient rivalries have been awoken. Age-old paranormal grudges must be settled, and the island is the perfect battleground. 


How can James save Taylor from his world, his family, and…himself?


Faith - eBook.jpg


Sometimes love requires a leap of faith…


Taylor Hale’s barely had time to adjust to the new world she’s living in, one filled with supernatural mysteries. Not that she’s complaining—as long as she’s with the love of her life, James Champlain, she can face anything. 


But the island of Dawnhaven is getting even more dangerous.


Lines have been crossed. Vows have been broken. Reparations must be made. 


James has only two goals: to keep Taylor safe and to protect the balance. There’s an uneasy truce with the local shifters, but he knows it’s only a matter of time before the longstanding grudge erupts into violence. James will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves. No matter what the cost… 

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