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Book 1: The Trade

One life. One love. One chance…to finally get it right.


After the devastating loss of her mother and sister, high-school senior Victoria Edwards is worried she’s going crazy. First, she sees a handsome boy floating outside of her room. Then she receives a mysterious letter asking her to go to a nearby pond at midnight. I’ll be waiting for you on the other side, the side you can’t see from here, it reads. Intrigued, Tori investigates—but suddenly finds herself in a different time and place. It’s the year 3130, and she’s smack-dab in the middle of the Kingdom.


The Vampire Kingdom. 


She sees him in the kingdom, the same boy from outside her window, and learns he’s a prince. Most likely a vampire prince. Against her will, Tori’s entered in The Trade, in which pretty young maidens are offered as sacrifices to the royals in exchange for crops. In a first for the competition, Prince Dominic proposes to the candidate of his choice—who happens to be a very reluctant Tori. Once she enters the royal compound, she learns that the kingdom is even more treacherous than she could have ever imagined. The prince and his family are dangerous, but Dominic holds the key to secrets about Tori’s past…and more importantly, her future.


If she lives long enough to have one.

thePact lighter cover.jpg


She traveled through time because she couldn’t live without him. But now, in the Vampire Kingdom, she must fight for her very life…


Victoria and Prince Dominic have been reunited. Per royal order, they’re to be married in a large, lavish ceremony in two weeks’ time. 


The problem? Dom’s a vampire. From the future. 


Not to mention his mother, the vampire queen. She’s plotting to enslave all of humankind. 


Then there’s Victoria herself. She’s inadvertently dropped out of high school and, at eighteen, knows she can’t marry a thousand-year old vampire. But things are more complicated than they seem. Victoria’s powers are growing stronger, and she learns that handsome, loyal Dominic has a dark secret or two of his own. 


As the ceremony nears, Victoria is forced to choose between her now…and her forever.

theClaim lighter cover.jpg

The thrilling conclusion to the Vampire Kingdom trilogy!

Victoria Edwards has been reunited with her mother and sister in the Vampire Kingdom. But the reunion isn't a happy one--her family is shocked that she's about to marry Prince Dominic Allard, the handsome vampire royal. Trapped between loyalties, Victoria struggles to find her footing while managing to stay alive in the treacherous kingdom.

Prince Dominic has family trouble of his own. He wants to marry Victoria, but his mother Queen Danica intends to use the marriage to support her goal of open human enslavement. The queen taints everything she touches. But no matter what, Dominic will protect his bride. Even from his own flesh and blood...